Sonal and Jai by Gesture Photography


Getting married is the most special action people take during the cinema of life. How wonderful is it to experience an immense sense of togetherness, of joy, of grandeur!

Sonal and Jai by Gesture Photography

An assertion of marriage brings with itself a flush of emotions… tons of happiness, gallons of laughter, enormous fun, spontaneity, responsibility, magnificence, thrill, imagination, love and what not!

Who wouldn’t want to gather such super special moments in their treasures of life? Who wouldn’t want to relish the extraordinary and then cherish it forever? Undoubtedly, we all need heart-warming memories in our journey to look back at. These memories we brood on enervate us to move ahead with smiling faces.

Sonal Jain by Gesture Photography

“Thoughts may fade, photographs actually never do “

Keep your moments safe. Get them clicked! Because getting Professional Candid Photographers on your wedding is never a waste, its an investment for lifetime

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Our lens will look after the desires in your eyes!

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The purity of rituals, the serenity in your smile, the flavour of traditions, the concern hidden within a turban, flavour of delicacies, the pride in your parents, giggles of your siblings, your loud relatives, the words in your moments of silences, that glance of your special someone, the by-product shyness, those sweet kisses which you manage to steal from everyone’s eyes, and so so so much must be captured!

We assure to capture every action you can’t afford to miss.