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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) & Information




• What is your Pricing
Prices vary from person to person, In Photography we have a lot to offer to the client and what suits their budget the most, for a rough idea we start from Rs 20,000/Perday and can stretch up to Rs 2 lac or more as per their needs and expectations

• How many Person come to shoot the event
We are a team of 2 persons, in most of the wedding we shoot ourselves but if you hire for Cinematography or Traditional Photography or Videography the number of persons may vary

• What city do you live and what all cities do you take the shoots from?

We are Based in Bhopal (M.P) , but we also like to take orders from Jabalpur, Indore , Gwalior and New Delhi and the paradise Leh & Ladakh.
Other outstations are also covered

• Is Travel, Stay and Food borne by clients
Yes all the expenses of Travel, Food and Stay are borne by the client

• Do you offer Cinematography and Videography
Not directly, but we offer Cinematography from our trusted freelancers and can offer you excellent Wedding Songs /Cinematic highlights. Samples are also available on request

• Are all the photos delivered to us edited/retouched?
Yes every photograph that you get are exclusively edited by us by taking our own time and High Quality Photo editing software that provide you the best of the best results.

• Do we get the Raw/Unedited files?
No, we do not provide unedited photos /RAW photos
Since they may be having some errors like your Aunt laughing out loud and someone yawning or the eyes are closed. Those are nothing but garbage that should not be kept under your wedding memory

• How can the Payment be done and in what ratio
The payment should be done as soon as possible since we cannot keep a date holding for you until you book one, 30% of the payment should be done in advance and the rest on the day of the shoot, there will be no refund if the shoot is cancelled by the client’s end, however if in the case of postponement can be done with the consent of Photographer and his availability of dates.

• Time required for delivering the Images and Album

Minimum of 15 days of editing time is required and 30 Days of album printing and delivery, sums up to 45 days in total.

• Are the photos print ready?

No, if the person opts for album then the photos are provided with Print friendly pixels else they are kept storage friendly for Phones/Laptops.
But they are in HD in every aspect so you need not worry about the quality of the Photographs

• Do you offer discounts?
Occasionally we offer discounts but what we offer more as a complimentary gift is a Pre-Wedding Shoot

• What type of Camera and Lenses do you have?

We have full frame Cameras of Canon and Sony in our armory, with a different variety of High end fast focusing lenses.

• What is the mode of your travel
If the shoot is in the Bhopal, we travel by our own car, if the Shoot is within the range of 300 KM we travel by train in AC- 2 compartment (due to the safety of our costly equipment) and if longer than 300KM we travel by flights.